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WA Open Space Turf Management Webinar

18 June 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Online webinar

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How can we cater for the increase in user demands for open space and playing fields?

Over the last 3 to 4 years the City of Perth have implemented a highly successful turf maintenance program, with the help of Turfcare WA. They utilised innovative technology to control turf damaging insects, combined with addressing key plant health factors, which lead to an increase in open space turf durability and reduced workplace health and safety challenges.

This webinar will share how the City of Perth have achieved these great results and will provide you with information on how to strive for continuous improvement while achieving more with less. Leading to superior pest and weed control and an increase in durability. You will also learn how to schedule use of tools with long lasting efficiency to give you a bigger window for improved turf outcomes and health and safety management practices.


Blake Humble | City of Perth

Blake Humble is the City of Perth's Coordinator Parks Operations, and leads a team of 50 horticultural and turf professionals to care for and present the parks and greenspaces of Western Australia's Capital City. Blake has over 15 years' experience in golf/turf management and local government (parks) and holds a Trade Certificate in Turf Management, Diplomas in Horticulture and Management and is a Certified Irrigation Manager.

Daniel Docherty | Syngenta

Daniel has 28 years' experience in the turf industry starting his career working at Amstel Golf Club with course construction and maintenance skills gained over a 12 year period. He then went on to be a very successful Client Manager at Globe Turf Solutions in Victoria building up a substantial territory over a period of 8 years. Before joining Syngenta in 2012. Dan now has a national sales role where he utilises his customer service skills and excellent turf qualifications (Diploma in Horticulture, Certificate in Turf Management, a Diploma in Natural Resource Management and Agsafe Accreditation) to deliver technical advice and solutions for a range of customers and distribution partners throughout Australia & New Zealand at the same time he is responsible for leading and supporting the Syngenta T&L Sales team.

Michael Maartensz | Turfcare WA

Michael has been working in the WA Turf Industry for 22 years and has been Owner and Managing Director of Turfcare WA for the last 12. Michael's love of turf started from a very young age, taking every opportunity to attend work with his father at Dalkeith Tennis Club from the time he could walk. Michael has an integrated approach to turf management and assists over 400 Company clientele best utilise limited resources to achieve sustainable and quality outcomes. Michael leads a team of over 85 qualified and experienced turf managers and is driven by the desire to be recognised as the best turf management company in the country.

Part 1: Michael Maartinez from Turfcare WA will provide current examples of practices implemented across a number of WA local governments, integrating innovative technology into their annual maintenance programs to control turf damaging insects for a season. Along with good turf management practices, a single broad spectrum application will increase sports field durability, while reducing frequency of exposure to the public through standard weed management practices and health and safety challenges for chemical applications in WA municipalities. This is a win-win for the community, local environment, sports ground users and program coordinators, your busy maintenance program, time and budget limitations.

Part 2: This session will explore how open spaces pest and weed pressures can be alleviated with a more responsible approach to pest and weed management strategies that also improve effort, energy and cost efficiencies. Gain an insight into how the City of Perth made the most out of new technologies and up to date information about application methods, timings and watch outs.

Applying up to date knowledge and tools will assist turf managers to provide quality open spaces and sports pitch assets that are fit for purpose 12 months of the year and able to withstand increases in use through improved carrying capacity. It will also help you to meet other priorities for minimal environmental, facility user and staff impacts.

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