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WA Event Management Workshop - NORTHAM

19 September 2019
9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Northam Recreation Centre

No matter the scale, a mismanaged event can put staff, local government, event patrons and the general public at risk. To assist community, sporting event organisers and local government event officers in the greater southern region plan and deliver successful, well managed events a one day workshop will be held on Wednesday 20th November. Based on the Parks and Leisure WA Event Application Guide this training will focus on:

    • The Event Context and Planning Process - stakeholder group; simple definitions; good planning: project management, responsibilities, business planning
    • Identifying Knowledge & Skills Required by Event Organisers - motivation and benefits; roles and impacts of events; who is producing events, and why?; understanding the lingo; financial planning - making it add up
    • Staging & Event Production - local government support in helping to develop events for community; the perfect stage - facilities available for use; who to talk to and about what?; a safe and well-managed event - duty of care; logistics
    • A Changing World: This is Serious Business - legislation: all that paperwork; legal issues and insurance; risk & security management.
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