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NSW/ACT Around our PLAce - Embedding First Nations culture into open space/ recreation/ sport design and planning

8 July 2020
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
online via ZOOM
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Parks, open space and recreation industry professionals

Our online network series is a chance for anyone working in the parks, leisure and recreation industry to come together to discuss things that are impacting your everyday work day and future work plans.

Embedding First Nations culture into open space/ recreation/ sport design and planning

  • Considerations for active space from Aboriginal community
  • Cultural celebrations within open space
  • Importance of engagement - tips and tools

Our presenter, Elle Davidson is a Balanggarra woman from the East Kimberley and descendant of Captain William Bligh. Elle describes herself as being caught in the cross-winds of Australia's history. With a passion to empower the voices of First People, Elle combines her Town Planning and Indigenous Engagement qualifications to navigate between two worlds. She understands the importance of deep listening and building a strong platform of trust for working together with the community. Elle uses her planning and engagement skills to facilitate a co-design process that leads to culturally informed outcomes. Ultimately she aims to create a space for reviving and enabling culture to exist in a contemporary society.

After seven years in Local Government and five years in a consulting practice, Elle has recently started a new role as an Aboriginal Planning Lecturer at the University of Sydney with the School of Architecture, Design and Planning. This has provided an exciting opportunity to educate future practitioners to help design and shape our places and spaces ensuring they are informed about cultural considerations. She will also be undertaking a PhD, focused on developing a toolkit for First Peoples community planning and design.

    Around our PLAces - free online network

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