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WA Land, water and community well-being study outcomes for Public Open Space (sport and recreation) in the Perth and Peel

27 August 2021
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Dept. Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries
246 Vincent St, Leederville

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: A maximum of 3 representatives from each LGA. All Perth and Peel local government representatives for Strategic Planning, Land use Planning, Sport and Leisure Planning, Sports Space, Landscape and Irrigation Management.


The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) and Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) are undertaking a technical assessment of the land suitability and availability, water requirements and water sources needed for public open space (sport and recreation) in the Perth and Peel regions. Areas susceptible to climate change risks and correlations between wellbeing indicators and the provision of public open space have also been explored. This work is consistent with future land use planning recommendations of Perth and Peel at 3.5million.

The workshop will provide an overview of the research findings, test the underlying assumptions and highlight the need for collection and reporting of data to inform current and future needs. Participants will be asked to consider how sport and recreation public open spaces can be delivered collaboratively.

During this workshop the project consultant team will:

  • Share information from the study including how the data was collected and the analysis assumptions used
  • Discuss key findings and implications for local government
  • Discuss recommendations, including opportunities for partnerships to plan and deliver outcomes for public open space (sport and recreation) considering future growth and climate change

For further information, please contact plawa@parksleisure.com.au
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