Her Sport Her Way 2019-2023

The NSW Government has recently announced the new women in sport strategy ' Her Sport Her Way'.

The women's sport landscape has changed significantly in recent years. Women in Australian sport are shining brighter than ever with unprecedented media coverage and broadcasting deals boosting their profile and giving rise to female sporting heroes. Now is the time to shape the women's sport agenda to realise the health, commercial and societal benefits of increasing female engagement as participants, fans, role models and decision makers.

Her Sport Her Way

Her Sport Her Way has been developed following stakeholder consultation to drive powerful change for women and girls in sport in NSW, leaving a lasting legacy for the way women's sport is played, led, promoted and consumed. The four year strategy features 29 initiatives that aim to increase women's and girls' participation as players, leaders and coaches, improve facilities, and attract more investment and recognition for women's sport.

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