Local Networks

WA - Facilities Network

The Facilities Network was developed in 2011 following a need identified as part of our business planning model. Members participate in quarterly meetings generally held around a specific facility or issues. The following have been identified as the key priorities for facility managers. They were determined following discussion and using a voting system then confirmation of meaning and intent.

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WA - Open Space Planners Network

The WA Open Space Planners Network is a loose alliance of members involved in the issues which evolve around the development, provision and use of public open space. With over 70 professionals engaged with public open space provision and management, the network influences the development of local and state agendas in the public open space arena.

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Parks and Streetscape Network

The Parks and Streetscape Network was established on September 15th 2011 from the need to articulate/facilitate sustainability elements for parks and gardens and to establish best practice knowledge in the field of park and streetscape management.

The vision for this Network is to develop innovative ideas, opportunities, and direction related to quality parks and streetscape outcomes. The primary objectives of the Network are to facilitate a professional development programme for metropolitan and regional membership; and to promote member networking and knowledge sharing.

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