At the Heart of Facility Management

AP&L 22.2 - Facility Management

At the Heart of Facility Management


Recreation and leisure facilities are places where people come together to partake in their many forms of leisure. As operators we are charged with ensuring equal opportunities for all, while also ensuring the products and services offered make a positive difference in the lives of all users.

With the goal of representing a community, in order to truly understand, it is imperative that one takes an "ask, not tell" approach. Working alongside and listening to the community allows an organistaion to take a deeper look at the challenges, opportunities and barriers that may exist. By actively listening, understanding and then accurately representing a community, a new level of trust and respect can be achieved. With insights gathered through open days, community outreach, surveys, and simply asking the right questions, programmes and services can be developed and implemented that truly enrich the user-experience for all facility patrons.

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