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AusPlay Survey

After the first release of the Ausplay results there were a number of questions raised by PLA members regarding how best to understand some of the results.

PLA worked with the Ausplay Team to develop FAQs to help the industry with some of the more common queries.

There are some very important clarifications in these FAQs and PLA recommends everyone read them before using the Ausplay data or referring to it in regard to participation.


PLA appreciates the time Ausplay has given the industry and commends this work- the ability to develop reliable trend data on participation in active recreation is crucial to our industry and PLA will continue to work with Ausplay to improve ways for this data to be used and to identify additional opportunities for participation research to complement the Ausplay project.

A more detailed Ausplay report exists that has not been made publicly available but PLA members can request a copy by e: