Metropolitan Open Space Strategy

The Project

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 recognised the need to strengthen the integrated metropolitan open space network as part of Make Melbourne Cooler and Greener (Direction 6.4) and to ensure Melbourne's growing population is provided with and has access to quality open space.

The strategy will provide a strategic framework for publicly-owned land and waters that are accessible to the public, as well as making use of other types of public land for open space where possible. It will set the:

  • vision for Melbourne's open space network for the 30-year horizon
  • goals to give us the focus for action
  • principles to guide how we will plan and work as land managers to deliver the vision
  • short-term investment priorities, with $154M committed to by the Victorian state government
  • enabling actions that will support the longer-term sustainability of the network; and
  • new governance arrangements to collectively oversee delivery of the strategy and investment priorities and maximise the public good unlocked from public open space.
The geographic scope of the strategy is metropolitan Melbourne, inclusive of the 32 Local government areas.

The Project's status

The strategy is currently in draft and is expected to be finalised by late 2019.
(at this stage it has not been released for formal comment)

The Vic/Tas Region Conference Session - Thursday 16 May

The conference will provide a chance for us to inform attendees about the current approach, and for us to seek and discuss expert feedback and ideas for improving the draft. It is an informal drop-in session during the middle of Day 1, at which lunch will be available.

Who should attend

The session will be most relevant for open space planners and urban planners, with interest for community engagement, recreation, health and environmental staff.

Who will be in attendance from DELWP

Fran Horsley, Project Manager, Metropolitan Open Space Strategy

Stephanie Gaut, Project Officer, Metropolitan Open Space Strategy

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