MAV Meeting - weed management

Wednesday 14 August
Municipal Association of Victoria
Level 11, 60 Collins Street, Melbourne

The aim of the meeting is to facilitate information sharing between council officers about non-glyphosate-based weed management approaches. The primary purpose of the session is to allow council officers to share candid views about the efficacy of the different approaches available to land managers. The MAV is also contacting a few potential speakers outside of local government. An agenda will be circulated ahead of 14 August to officers who register for the session.

Registration for the session is essential - register here.

The MAV's position in relation to the use of products containing glyphosate remains as previously advised. Glyphosate is registered for use in Australia by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) which is an Australian government statutory authority. Recent updates to the APVMA website indicate that they remain of the view that APVMA approved products containing glyphosate can continue to be used safely following the directions in the Safety Data Sheet and the labels.

The MAV recommend that councils review the information contained on the APVMA website regarding glyphosate and ensure that if they use products containing glyphosate that the Safety Data Sheet and label instructions are followed and that staff have appropriate training, equipment and any necessary personal protective equipment is used. WorkSafe's glyphosate herbicides information sheet, last updated in June 2017, remains current.

The MAV recognises that several councils are using, trialling or considering shifting to non-glyphosate-based approaches, and the 14 August session is intended to assist build councils' knowledge of the options available.

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