Community Leisure and Recreation Planning Book

Ken Marriott, John Tower and Katie McDonald are pleased to announce the publication of their new book, Community Leisure and Recreation Planning. The book, published by Routledge in November 2020, provides an up-to-date, evidence-based approach to planning community leisure and recreation programs, facilities and services. It introduces readers to key theory and best practice tools in the planning of effective leisure and recreation projects. The book was a three-year project in the making, but it draws on the authors' decades of work in leisure and recreation planning, teaching and research.

The book defines planning, leisure, recreation and other key concepts and explains why a thorough planning process is essential to achieving effective outcomes. John Tower said, "Our book presents a four-phase planning model based on i) pre-planning, ii) planning research, iii) preparing a plan, and iv) implementing, monitoring and evaluating the outputs and outcomes of a plan in a comprehensive and integrative approach that covers all aspects of a planning project. It provides a conceptual rationale for each component of the planning process, a detailed explanation of the tools and techniques that can be used, and extensive examples and international case study materials to demonstrate their use. The principles and techniques explained in the book are applicable at a range of community levels from small individual programs and sites to regions, states and even countries."

This is a useful text for leisure and recreation professionals involved in the design and delivery of programs, facilities and services. It is also essential for leisure and academics and students working in leisure and recreation planning, management, events, culture and sport.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction: Planning Community Leisure and Recreation Programs, Facilities and Services

2 The Leisure and Recreation Planning Model

3 Pre-Planning

4 Socio-Economic Change and Demographics

5 Assessing Opportunities for Leisure and Recreation6 Report Reviews: Scope and Purpose

7 Assessing Needs and Aspirations

8 Leisure and Recreation Participation

9 Planning for Greenfield and Brownfield Sites and Natural Areas

10 Alternate Leisure and Recreation Planning Approaches

11 Preparing a Leisure and Recreation Plan

12 Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluating a Plan

13 Ensuring a Sound Future for Leisure and Recreation Planning

Copies of the book can be ordered via the Routledge website (link below)
or Amazon.

Katie, John and Ken getting together 2020 style to work on the book.

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