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We are a multidisciplinary team of researchers from Macquarie University who are currently conducting a National online survey in which we aim to examine how people's connection with nature by engaging with outdoor environments (such as gardens, local parks, natural reserves etc.) is related to the importance they place on such activities, and whether this has changed since COVID-19. We are also interested in examining whether people's connections with nature are related to their physical and mental health.

We anticipate that the findings from our survey will help us understand the potential benefits that engaging with natural inspired environments have on people's general wellbeing. The findings will also further inform and advance the design of public spaces, and provide councils and policy makers with evidence for informing the design and development of nature inspired programs to support and improve the well-being of people and the planet.

We will share the research results with PLA when they are available for public viewing.

We would like to inform people (aged 18 year or older) nationwide about this study, as we would like to get as many people from diverse backgrounds to take part in this survey and share their views. The survey takes between 20 to 30 minutes to complete online and is anonymous. There are 4 main sections to the survey, so you have the option of completing the survey in smaller segments of time (across a 7 day period - for example over 10 minute sittings), as long as you use the same computer/device (e.g., laptop or smartphone) to log back into the survey during this 7 day period. This is because the system will be able to log you back into where you are up to with the survey if you use the same device.

There is an additional (opt in) follow-up interview component of this study and specific details for both components are provided in the attached study information document. Participation in this survey is completely voluntary and we are more than happy for participants to send this link to other people that they think might be interested in this survey.

Specific details of the study are available at the following web-link
We have also appended a copy of the Participant Information Statement for your reference.

Dr Kath McLachlan, Associate Professor,
Professor Maria Kangas
Associate Professor Mel Taylor
Mr Peter Davies
Ms Waminda Parker
Mr Ross Wissing

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