Bushfire Recovery

Multiple Victorian LGAs have been impacted by the recent and current bushfires, and I thought that the PLA Vic/Tas Region may be able to offer some assistance to the effected LGAs as they commence the recovery and restoration work of sports and recreation infrastructure and services.

I have been in contact with Marc Taylor, Parks and Gardens Coordinator, East Gippsland Shire Council. Marc has informed me that even though the Shire has been one of the most severely effected by the fires, the impact to open space and community infrastructure, such as playgrounds, park furniture, and sporting facilities has been minimal (although they have not been able to access Mallacoota to complete an audit as of Jan 9).
This is obviously some good news for these communities as they work towards getting back to normal activities.
Marc has suggested that there may be a need in coming months for some assistance, particularly in sports field maintenance, such as aerating (when weather permits), as the focus of staff is on recovery and support of those directly impacted.

So, any organisations or LGAs who would like to offer assistance over the next few months please contact me and let me know what assistance you can offer. I will maintain a register of offers which I will share with Marc and he can call on assistance, if required.

Contact me at victas@parksleisure.com.au

Thanks in advance,

Richard Simon
Executive Officer

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