Bicycle Network Super Counts Data

Bicycle Network, Australia's largest bike riding organisation with 50,000 members nationwide, has released its 'Super Counts' bike survey data via a public interactive dashboard. The data includes over 15,000 pieces of count data across 10 years and 3,000 Australian locations.

The Super Counts Data Dashboards will assist in planning for improved cycling infrastructure and promoting active transport opportunities within the community. The data dashboards were developed by insideEDGE Sport and Leisure Planning and displays bike volumes, rider genders, year-on-year growth/decline and other features to engage users. The Super Counts Data Dashboards are available for public use at the Bicycle Network website (link below).

For more information regarding Bicycle Network's services and transport data, please contact Dr Nicholas Hunter at or visit

If you'd like to know more about insideEDGE'sdashboard and data visualisation capabilities, please contact Jake McMinn at

Click here to access the Bicycle Network Super Counts Data Dashboard

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