Welcome to our members in SA and NT

I congratulate for being part of an energised industry body and for keeping up to date on industry matters. There is a lot happening in Parks and Leisure Australia including this new interactive web site, high quality and unique conferences and events, various industry services and opportunities for recognition, and a more flexible approach to corporate membership with the potential for a greater number of people in organisations to receive member benefits.

Our PLA SA/NT Executive Officer Allison Bretones and our volunteer Region Council members [click here] are very committed to supporting people in our industry in South Australia and the Northern Territory, and I would like to say a big thank you to this dedicated team.

Our Region Council places a particular focus on professional development and networking and we have developed a Calendar of Events for 2019 that we encourage you to consider and participate in. In 2019, we will hold a combined conference with Recreation SA that will focus on community wellbeing and we will also hold some regional events including in the Northern Territory. We aim to support our diverse membership with various topics relating to open space, sport and recreation, facility management and horticulture.

In 2019, a Recreation and Open Space Planners Network will be formalised to give PLA members the opportunity to come together to discuss industry issues and potential directions. We will also place a greater focus on advocacy and will work with governments and other industry bodies to achieve the best possible decisions and directions relating to our industry and its members.

Sponsorship is critical for us to survive and we sincerely thank our national sponsors that support our region including GLG Green Life Group and Syngenta. We welcome new regional sponsors and continue to work with and support our national sponsors in 2019 and beyond.

We are also keen for more of our members in South Australia and the Northern Territory to nominate for the PLA Awards of Excellence this year as there are many projects and initiatives in our region that are not being promoted or recognised, yet we know that the SA/NT region is achieving great things. Find out more.....

If you know of any colleagues or organisations that you believe might join PLA please encourage them to do so as this will strengthen the diversity and viability of our organisation and our industry. We offer a range of services and benefits that aim to assist our members to be connected and supported professionals during a time of ongoing change and challenge. Find out more about PLA membership.

Finally thank you for being an active member of Parks & Leisure Australia

Suzanne Suter, President PLA SA/NT

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