PLA QLD 2022 Conference - Call for Abstracts Closing Soon!

Parks & Leisure Australia QLD 2022 Conference & Awards of Excellence

Date: 17-19 May 2022
Location: Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre

Our 2022 PLA QLD Conference - themed “Take Another Look” - aims to showcase the positive and proactive ways that local governments, industry specialists, sporting organisations and consultants are tackling and responding to contemporary challenges (such as technology disruptors, COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, population, and demographic change) with limited and often, highly contested resources and sometimes in unchartered circumstances.

As our conference setting, Gladstone has a strong track record of re-evaluating, re-inventing, and refocusing. 

From the ancestral lands of its four First Nations peoples to be known for cattle processing, and primarily since the 1960s for its heavy industrial activities around the coal terminal and aluminium smelter, today Gladstone boasts a region of diverse environments, multiple award-winning parklands, and recreation facilities, and is soon to become Australia’s first renewable hydrogen production facility - an innovation in clean energy production.

In this context, “our people behind the places” policy and programs, have needed to re-think, re-conceive, and/or refocus to re-position; in other words, to “take another look” at what is available, how it is engaged, and who it involves, to support service delivery in a sustainable manner - economically, environmentally, and socially.

Our PLA QLD 2022 Region Conference has a strong emphasis on discussions and demonstrations, sharing ideas, experiences, and networking for all, from operational staff to middle managers and elected representatives.

Parks, sport, and leisure industry specialists don’t miss your chance to join us in Gladstone, witness the transformation in progress, and share your success and learnings on a project or initiative that demonstrates resilience and sustainability: how you and/or your organisation have re-assessed, re-constructed, and/or refocused the policy, planning, design, and/or procedures and practices for operations and management of the greenspaces, sports and leisure facilities that we provide for our communities.

The Call for Abstracts is closing soon!

With thanks to our PLA QLD Region Sponsors

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