Around our PLAce:Waverley Inclusive Play Space study- the journey so far: July 22, 1.30pm

Waverley Council's Inclusive Play Space Study provides a blueprint to direct the future provision, planning, design and development of public inclusive play spaces across the Waverley LGA.

Waverley Council has committed to providing equitable and inclusive play spaces in the Local Government Area (LGA). In December 2020, Council adopted an Inclusive Play Space Study which provides strategic direction on how they can provide inclusive play spaces where everyone can play, regardless of their age or ability.

In May 2021, the study was recognised by industry experts and peers from around Australia, and awarded the Strategic planning award at the PLA NSW/ACT Awards of Excellence. They are now in the running for the national award which will be announced in September at the PLA national conference in Sydney.

The team behind the study hopes that the study will form the basis for some great future planning and the development of inclusive playspaces across the country.

This Around our PLAce session will give you a chance to listen to the team talk about their journey so far, and how they hope others can use what they have learnt.


Fiona Robbe': Director, Fiona Robbe; Landscape Architects

Fiona Robbé is a Landscape Architect and Horticulturist who has specialised in the design of outdoor children's environments, and has worked as a Landscape Architect for over 30 years.

Her work encompasses public playgrounds in parks (local and state government), as well as play areas in schools, preschools, zoos, churches, museums and anywhere children, young people and adults can play.

Sandy Hoy: Director, Parkland Planners

Sandy Hoy is the Director of Parkland Planners. She has qualifications in physical and human geography, and in urban and regional planning. Sandy been a consultant to local and State government clients for over 30 years, specialising in strategic open space and recreation planning, Plans of Management for community and Crown land, community and stakeholder engagement, and chairing public hearings and community consultative committees. Sandy's experience and qualifications enable her to understand and seek a balance between the needs of local communities, the natural environment and development. In her spare time Sandy most enjoys visiting outdoor recreation settings.

Carl Nugent: Senior Landscape Architect, Waverley Council

Carl is an experienced Registered Landscape Architect with over 17 years' experience working in both private and the public sector in Sydney and the ACT.

Throughout his career Carl has worked across a wide range of sectors including commercial, residential, health, transport, education, sport, and recreation working on projects for local and state government agencies and private developers. His roles have provided an excellent opportunity to develop a wealth of knowledge in public domain projects with a focus on open space and recreation facilities of various sizes and complexity from broader strategic planning documents to detailed design and getting it built.

Carl brings a balanced approach to his planning and landscape design projects navigating the complex needs and aspirations of the community with robust, practical, and engaging outcomes on the ground.

His true passion is as a custodian of the public domain, planning, designing, and managing places and spaces for current and future generations to experience and enjoy.




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