PLA NSW/ACT Strategic Plan Working Groups EOI


Call for Expressions of Interest

The NSW/ACT Regional Council is seeking expressions of interest from PLA Members to join one of three working groups identified in the PLA NSW/ACT Strategic Plan 2019-2021.


The purpose of the establishment of the working groups is to further develop the strategies identified from the PLA NSW/ACT Strategic Planning Day held in December 2018.

Three working groups have been approved by the PLA NSW/ACT Regional Council to research and develop outputs in the following areas:

  • Membership - Develop a Membership Value Proposition
  • Professional Development - Develop a Professional Development Program
  • Partnerships - Develop a Strategic Partnership Engagement Strategy


  • To further investigate one of the above 3 action/goals.
  • To determine summary statements and potential metrics and/or strategies to achieve the action/goal.
  • To report to the PLA NSW/ACT Regional Council the outcomes of research undertaken by the working group, including proposed recommendations to resource and implement each action/goal. This is to occur on a bi-annual basis.


Parks and Leisure Australia is the leading industry association for professionals in the sector. Our aim is to build, serve and further develop a strong and united parks and leisure industry in Australia.

The Membership working group has been established to:

  • Develop and test a Membership proposition
  • Determine opportunities to leverage with other associations
  • Increase awareness of PLA benefits and value
  • Conduct Bi-annual monitoring and reporting of PLA (NSW/ACT) Membership

The Professional Development working group has been established to:

  • Identify industry disciplines and gaps for seminars and training
  • Establish an annual program of events
  • Identify opportunities where PLA can facilitate industry networking activities
  • Develop a bi-annual monitoring and reporting system to gauge effectiveness

The Partnerships working group has been established to:

  • Develop the PLA NSW/ACT regional Strategic Partnership and Engagement Strategy
  • Develop the Relationship Management Framework
  • Create and identify a database of priority partners and industry alignments
  • Develop the partnership prospectus package and action plan
  • Data Management of partnership metrics
  • Progress all deliverables/actions and report bi annually to Regional Council.

Read more here - Terms of Reference
Download EOI HERE . Submissions close on Friday 13 September 2019

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