Meeting the Demands of Tomorrow

PLA NSW/ACT held a seminar and tour 'Meeting the Demands of Tomorrow - How to Improve Your Sports Field's Carrying Capacity',on Thursday 22 August at the newly refurbished Gore Hill Park . The day included presentations and talks on natural and synthetic turf, testing and classifying of surfaces and how to increase turf grass durability. The Future Needs Panel discussion included representatives from AFL NSW, Football NSW, Cricket NSW and Centennial Park which ignited great discussion around issues and shared learnings. Finishing the day, Holly Cowdery from Willoughby City Council and Matthew Tancred from Glascott Landscape and Civil discussed and toured the new Gore Hill synthetic oval and park precinct.

Presentations included:
(click on the hyperlinks to download - note some of the files are large and may take a few minutes to load)

Increasing durability in turf grass surfaces
Mike DeLuca, Syngenta

Classifying Sports Fields and Construction Methods in Australia
Simon Leake - SESL

Planning for Park and Sport Field Carrying Capacity
Mick Battam - Ag Enviro

Hybrid grass options for sports fields and landscapes
Erik Kinlon - HG Turf Group

Synthetic sports fields - the myths, perceptions and reality
Martin Sheppard - Smart Connection Consultancy

Future Demands Panel Discussion
David Lawson - AFL NSW
Lauren Coates - Cricket NSW
Jas Virdee - Football NSW
David Laughlin - Centennial Parklands

Case Study and Onsite Tour - Gore Hill Park
Holly Cowdery - Open Space Projects Officer, Willoughby City Council
Matthew Tancred - Glascott Landscape & Civil

The Smart Guide to SYNTHETIC FOOTBALL FIELDS including Hybrid Technology

Smart Guide to the Challenges

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