Research Connections

Welcome to this exciting new information sharing initiative on research across the natural and built leisure environments. Parks and Leisure Australia recognises there is a continual need to support practical knowledge gained through onground experience, with evidence based detailed research which identifies; debates; explores; clarifies and grows our industry knowledge. This newsletter is a critical tool for both researcher and practitioner alike, in strengthening a nexus of collaboration and communication.

To the practitioner, applied research is often lacking, confusing or unknown. To the researcher, a clear industry research agenda relating to critical knowledge gaps, specific issues and outcome related benefit is not identified within a collaborative investigative environment. This newsletter is a start toward bridging these gaps, combined with the recent collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian New Zealand Association of Leisure Studies (ANZALS) and Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA).

I congratulate our Queensland colleagues for initiating this communique and encourage all readers to contribute input to ensure the growth of relevant research, thereby strengthening greater understanding of the impact and benefits gained through leisure opportunity.

Mark Band, Chief Executive Officer, Parks and Leisure Australia

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