Parks and Streetscape Network (WA)

The Parks and Streetscape Network was established from the need to articulate/facilitate sustainability elements for parks and gardens and to establish best practice knowledge in the field of park and streetscape management.

The vision for this Network is to develop innovative ideas, opportunities, and direction related to quality parks and streetscape outcomes. The primary objectives of the Network are to facilitate a professional development programme for metropolitan and regional membership; and to promote member networking and knowledge sharing. Key priorities are listed below;

Water Management: Resources

  • Work with the State Government for better ground water regulation.
  • Integrating water availability and POS allocation and planning
  • Facilitating access to up to date information
  • Aquifer recharge
  • Grey and black water system options for use and integration
  • Storm water use
  • Total water cycle management
  • Alternative water source options and cost modelling

Water Management: Efficient Utilisation

  • Develop a turf nutrient science community
  • Integrating POS planning and design with storage systems, irrigation and hydro-zoning
  • Improved irrigation design and system quality
  • Improved POS/facility design for water efficiency
  • Facilitating access to up to date information
  • Alternative water source use


  • Apply urban forest research to streetscapes
  • Advocate for the role of trees in climate management
  • Community education
  • Link between health and the physical environment
  • Liveable neighbourhood policy review - designing streets for all users
  • Water harvesting and water wise streetscapes
  • Managing and risk modelling tree assets
  • Determining the value of trees

Business Management

  • Industry best practice and benchmarking
  • Managing staff and career mapping/succession planning
  • Access to technical specifications and templates
  • Quick and easy access to information and the promotion of positions and projects in WA
  • Leadership and management course

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