Leisure Planners Network (WA)

The WA Leisure Planners Network is aimed at those involved in the planning, development, provision and use of community leisure infrastructure and public open space in both regional and metro areas. The network looks to share best practise, review policy and develop alliances and partnerships to influence the development of local and state agendas in the leisure infrastructure and public open space arena. 

Key priorities for the group include;

  1. Community Facility Guidelines project including mapping of community infrastructure and POS
  2. Partnership and funding of website and app for CFG mapping tool
  3. Investigation of public find me app utilising CFG mapping database
  4. Delivery of Recreation Strategic Planning Guide
  5. Development and delivery of Leisure and Recreation planning course
  6. Shared use model
  7. Best practise case studies and technical tours - playspaces, sports precincts and shared use

Contact: Leith Fradd via leith@parksleisure.com.au

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