Leisure Facilities Network (WA)

The WA Leisure Facilities Network was developed to identify key priorities, issues and opportunities for facility managers in Western Australia. Both regional and metro leisure facility managers are asked to join specialist subcommittees to guide and facilitate projects and professional development which align with the regions business plan.

The key priorities for the group include;

  1. Continuation and expansion of annual data collection and collation for group 1 leisure centre benchmarking data.
  2. Expansion of benchmarking data collection for non group 1 facilities  (sport and fitness centres).
  3. Annual data collection to quantify the annual social value of leisure centres
  4. Delivery of the Leisure Facility Managers short course
  5. Development of an web portal to host the Community Facility Infrastructure mapping data.
  6. Promotion of the PLAWA Community Guidelines aimed at infrastructure provision per head of population
  7. Data collection and industry reporting on ALC entrance fees
  8. User group agreements and formulas.
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