Events Network (WA)

The Events network is aimed at local government, community, club (sport and recreation) & commercial event management staff as well as event holders looking to undertake event planning and delivery.

The growth of community and sporting events run in local governments (both internally and by external providers) has increased significantly over the last 5 years. The diversity of event activities, locations & audiences provides an opportunity for the group to share resources, ideas and learnings. The objectives focus on training, development and providing a platform to share knowledge.

Key Priorities

  1. Event risk management training
  2. Update of the Event Application Guide for use by event organisers and LGAs
  3. Event management training
  4. Training for regional event organisers and LGAs
  5. International Crowd Safety Course
  6. Sharing best practise and case studies.
  7. Developing resources to aid event organisers

Contact: Leith Fradd via

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