Forum Etiquette

The forum is a place to discuss topics with other members. If you have a membership, support or administrative question that you need to ask, please don't post it here, instead email the appropriate person.

Please note that the discussion forums are moderated. Designated moderators oversee the forum and ensure that it and discussions run well for all member participants. They can remove unrelated posts, rude and inappropriate comments and spam messages. They can also ban users for rude, offensive or inappropriate forum behaviour, and for repeatedly ignoring the Forum Etiquette. Moderators can also lock threads from further discussion.

Discussion Forum Etiquette:

  • Stay on topic - Read the forum topic before posting and keep you post related to the topic thread. If you want to raise another issue for discussion, create a new discussion topic. Posts not on topic will be moved to another discussion thread or deleted.
  • Check the forum before posting - Before you post a particular question about something, check if your question hasn't already been asked and answered by other users.
  • Don't post the same message in multiple discussions - This will annoy other users and the repeated posts will be removed. If you post and no one replies, leave it at that.
  • Don't write in CAPITAL LETTERS! - Typing in capital letters are seen as shouting in online forums and this is considered rude. Typing in "caps" will annoy other forum users.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated - It's fine to disagree with others as we all have different opinions, but don't get into arguments, insult or abuse other participants. The key message is respect.
  • Don't be a Troll - A Troll is someone who ignores the etiquette repeatedly by posting messages to provoke and inflame (called a 'flame') or dragging up old discussion threads to wind participants up again. Being a troll is not tolerated and trolls will be banned from the forum.
  • Don't post spam - we all get enough of this in our email inboxes. The forum is not a place to advertise or sell products or services to other PLA members. If you wish to advertise through PLA, please use the Jobs Board
  • Do not share your login details - Your username and password are only for you. Do not share your access details with other PLA or non-PLA members. Failure to do this may see you banned from the Members Only area of the website.
  • Introduce yourself - We have set up an Introduce Yourself discussion thread, we suggest that you give a brief introduction - who you are, when you are in NZ and a little bit about yourself.
  • Send us your feedback directly - If you have specific feedback to PLA about a matter relating to any aspect of your membership or about the organisation and the way it is run, do not post it in the discussion forum. You can raise the matter by contacting the Office Manager:
  • Report bad forum behaviour - If you are concerned about the behaviour of a discussion participant, or have seen offensive or inappropriate posts in the forum, please copy and paste the post(s) and send them in an email to the moderator or forum administrator:

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