Facilities Network

The Facilities Network was developed in 2011 following a need identified as part of our business planning model. Members participate in quarterly meetings generally held around a specific facility or issues. The following have been identified as the key priorities for facility managers. They were determined following discussion and using a voting system then confirmation of meaning and intent.

Key Priorities

1. Establishing need and uses as a reason to build rather than building because of political decisions or available funds.

2. Feasibility studies that use whole of life costs of building.

3. Good strategic planning that includes:

  • Community/client -based strategic plans
  • Principal activity plans/long term financial plans
  • Business plans
  • Benchmarking

4. The need to make senior management aware of issues including:

  • Involvement in early planning stages
  • Business planning and development by facility managers
  • Managers can run a centre more strategically
  • Leasing/user group issues

5. How to remove handshake and historical arrangements that do not allow equity in the community.

6. Better use of shared facilities.

7. User group agreements and formulas.

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