Sports Rorts Enquiry

The recent allocation of funding that placed political objectives above stated program objectives represented a manifestly unfair process and betrayed the communities trust in government processes. There is no doubt that the sports system is a founding pillar of community life and that it is significantly underfunded which creates a scenario where funding is so competitive it enables funding to be a political pawn.

We are developing a response to the Senate Select Committee on Administration of Sports Grants and we encourage our members to do the same

The Senate Select Committee will be examining this matter with particular reference to:

• program design and guidelines;

• requirements placed on applicants for funding;

• management and assessment processes;

• adherence to published assessment processes and program criteria;

• the role of the offices of the then Minister for Sport, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, and any external parties, in determining which grants would be awarded and who would announce the successful grants; and

• any related programs or matters.

The Senate Select Committee on Administration of Sports Grants is seeking submissions to the inquiry from individuals and organisations in relation to the administration and award of funding under the Community Sport Infrastructure Grant Program. The committee has requested that submissions be received by 21 February 2020.


If you have questions, or need more time to write your submission, please contact the committee secretariat. Media enquiries: Office of Senator Anthony Chisholm, Committee Chair, on (02) 6277 3103

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