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Membership - It Pays to Belong

Are you making the most out of your membership? As a member, you've joined a network made up of professionals from across the parks and leisure industry. Here are tips to make sure you are maximizing your benefits and start making your membership work for YOU!

  1. Review your contact details and preferences
  2. You have been given a link to our Members Area that contains your basic information. Make sure your details are correct.
  3. If you are a Corporate Member check out the other people listed on the membership, make sure the list is up to date. Has anyone left - or about to leave your organisation? If so, contact your Administrator. Don't know who it is, no dramas, just call us 08 8332 0130 or e:
  4. Make the most of our discounts and check out our Events Calendar
  5. Got a burning question you need help with? Share it with our Community
  6. Check out the latest Spring edition of the Australasian Parks and Leisure Journal
Did you know members receive discounts to events running throughout the year, including the National Conference in Perth in October? If you not sure whether you or your organisation is a member, or for any other queries relating to memberships, contact someone from our friendly team at or call (08) 83320130.

*DID YOU KNOW: The time for changing the staff listed on your Corporate Membership is running out. You have until 31st August to make any changes to the staff already listed.

* Terms and Conditions apply

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