Parks and Leisure Australia to salute Parks and their workers around Australia with Green Lightings

Iconic and Civic spaces and places to go Green in honour of parks and their workers that have kept us physically and mentally active during COVID-19

Parks and Leisure Australia to salute Parks and their workers around Australia with Green Lightings

Parks and Leisure Australia Calls for All Australians to Wear Green and our civic and iconic spaces and places to be lit Green to say thanks to our Parks and the Parkies that have helped us remain active, healthy and connected during COVID-19 via #GoGreenForParks #GoingGreenforParkies

Parks and Leisure Australia has been working with our counterparts across the globe with an initiative started by the New York Parks Department which paid tribute to parks and their workers with an iconic lighting of the Empire State Building, the NYC Parks' Arsenal, Washington Square Arch and other elements across the city.

The Global need and demand for our parks and open spaces has never been more important and around the world, park workers have continued to maintain parks in support of the mental and physical health of all visitors during the current COVID-19 pandemic. #GoGreenForParks #GoingGreenforParkies is the ultimate acknowledgement and thank you to our parks system and all park managers and their hard work.

Parks and Leisure Australia calls on as many iconic and civic spaces and places to be lit Green the week commencing Tuesday 23rd June at Sunset across the country and be lit each evening until the last day of the month on Tuesday 30th June 2020.

"More than ever, our parks and greenspaces have proven to be critical places of refuge, and park workers have been working tirelessly to keep these sanctuaries of health, connectedness and sanity open in Australia and around the world," said PLA President Paul Jane

PLA CEO Mark Band went on to say; 'Our members and the spaces and places we manage have become critically recognised for their importance and this is a small token of our appreciation to all front line workers that have helped us all get through COVID-19. Parks remain open and of course, we encourage all to use them in a responsible manner whilst recognising and implementing social distancing guidelines.

The #GoGreenForParks #GoingGreenforParkies celebration on all Australians and our civic and Park Leaders to get on board by:

  • Wearing Green on Tuesday 23rd and Tuesday 30th June
  • Light up your spaces and places Green from sunset on the 23rd June until 30th June
  • Like the Parks and Leisure Facebook page
  • Share your photos and experiences using the #GoGreenForParks #GoingGreenforParkies on all social media platforms
  • Celebrate like it's the end of 2020!

Parks and Leisure Australia will share the love by featuring shoutouts on its social media channels @parksleisureaus

About Parks and Leisure Australia

PLA acknowledges that leisure is a basic human right and that provision of spaces and places for participation in sport and recreation is critical to the social, physical, environmental and economic wellbeing of Australian society.

As the national peak body for the 'people behind the places', we promote the good use of leisure time through provision of quality places, programmes and services. PLA membership includes professionals from Community and Urban Planning; Parks Management, Environment and Conservation; Sport and Physical Activity and Tourism and the Arts.

Our Vision is

For Australia to be the most liveable country in the world renowned for its parks, sport and recreation facilities that provide the foundation for healthy communities and liveable towns and cities.

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