National partner - Christie return from Dubai

NAT - DEC- Christie in Dubai

Our partner Christie is just back from an awesome four week overseas tour, which included The Big 5 Dubai Expo and the Global Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. The highlight was #udldubai, the Middle East's massive trade fair for urban, green and open spaces. So what did they learn?

Paul Conradie, "we were privileged to be a part of this event, and look forward to sharing our perspectives on the inspired thinking, new and emerging trends and insights of landscape, infrastructure and urban development leaders from around the world."

"In Barcelona, the focus was primarily on dashboard integration and network providers. There was an air of excitement at the incredible potential of a future that connects people and cities - to replace outdated systems and technologies with disruptive inventions that will provide real benefit to the environment and citizens."

Implementation of smart technology will require significant investment of resources and an overhaul of existing processes, including procurement and asset management. There were a limited number of practical, smart products like Steora and BigBelly that already utilise some of the potential of Smart Cities, but with the underlying infrastructure in place the development of such products is gathering pace. The take home is that start-ups and innovators have a real opportunity, alongside multi-nationals including Mastercard and Huawei, to be successful in this arena. The overarching theme of the congress was directed toward innovating for smarter, more connected and more human cities, and the untapped potential to improve all areas of public life.

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