Important Notice to Members – We do not dispute the climate change.

Bush Fire Destruction

Some members have expressed their concern regarding my January e-Newsletter and the recent bush fires across the nation. I wish to confirm that at no point do I or PLA question the legitimacy of climate change and its link with the recent bushfire crisis, and our position is and will be driven by scientific research supporting the human effect on climate change.

The January message were thoughts of support to the many people and communities whose lives have been affected by the fires and the need to regroup and rebuild as we, as the professional association with a role to play in protecting, preserving and managing our parks and land, respond to Government in a clear and systematic manner to highlight our position and ensure fires of this nature never occur again.

In the coming weeks, a Task Force will be developed by PLA to address the critical issue and highlight our position, role and recommendations for the future as we as a country, begin to rebuild our communities and repair the devastating effects the fires have had on many of our lives as well as our native flora and fauna.

PLA supports the link and impacts of climate change with the recent bushfires and will respond accordingly to all levels of government.

Mark Band

Chief Executive Officer

Parks and Leisure Australia

207 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

E P 61 8 8332 0130

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