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Summer is here!

We hope you are enjoying our magnificent parks, beaches and open spaces, many of which are being used for local, regional and national events. In 2018 an estimated 8.5 million people visited Australia from overseas spending almost $44 billion. In this edition we talk about all things events, tourism and the arts. We celebrate the Major Event of the Year Award winner City of Mandurah who competed against City of Perth to host the 2018 Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games [page 8]. Plus read about the Te Auaunga Stream which 10 years ago was a disheveled concrete -lined urban waterway in Auckland and is now a popular playground for hundreds of children and a mecca for landscape designers and tourists keen to learn about Maori culture [page 25].

On page 31 read all about how ParkLife teamed up with Development Christchurch Limited (DCL), SCAPE Public Art and local artist Nathan Ingram to help bring colour and fun into the revitalization of New Brighton a suburb hit hard by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. Plus Erion Veliaj, Mayor Greater Tirana, Albania talks about the challenges of planning for a post communist city and a population explosion with the number of inhabitants rising to 1 million (from 200,000) meaning 200,000 new cars and thousands of illegal buildings occupying open spaces.

Copies arrive on desks mid December and make sure you check out the digital edition available online....

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