FREE ACCESS to the new industry infrastructure database

Active Xchange

FREE ACCESS for all PLA members to the new industry infrastructure database, powered by SportsEye. Governed by a cross-industry Steering Group, and already listing key information on over 8,500 sites across Australia, this is a key resource for any organisation strategically planning delivery and investment. Free access is now available to all PLA members.

To setup an account please complete the registration form [here].

Why is this needed?

There is a huge amount of time and resource wasted in collecting basic infrastructure information (name of the site, location, specification of facilities, access information, age of facilities, quality rating etc.), significant duplication between organisations, as well as a lack of consistency in information gathered. A central national database significantly enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of infrastructure planning decision making across other countries and it's now time Australia made this step forward.

Who governs the initiative?

PLA are part of a cross-industry group which includes state government and associations, national bodies and a selection of leisure and sport planning consultants.

When will the platform go live?

The current launch date is between 13-15th March. All Local Government members that have registered will be issued login details.

Who's the database designed for?

All stakeholders who have an interest within community sport, leisure and recreational infrastructure. If your council is undertaking any kind of strategy or planning work this toolkit should be of assistance.

What data is contained?

Non-commercially sensitive data on sites and the facilities within these sites. The database structure has had significant input from the Steering Group and will be reviewed on a rolling basis by this group.

What will I be able to access?

Your account will enable you to add and edit details on any sites already contained within the database as well as add new sites. You will be able to analyse the data using the built-in dashboards, as well as export the data in Excel format.

What system is used to manage the data?

ActiveXchange has an existing online platform that is used by around 500 state and local government, sport and operator organisations to access business and shared market insight. This has been expanded to manage this database, governed by the Steering Group. The online platform is being launched with 8,400+ sites listed. ActiveXchange also launched the national infrastructure database with Sport New Zealand last year so have a good understanding of the technical requirements.

Who owns and can access the data?

The data is open to any organization however you will require a SportsEye account in order to manage, analyse or export the information.

How do I find out more?

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact

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