Why Join?

If you work in the parks and leisure sector, we can help you stay ahead in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing industry through:

  • Training and continuing professional development
  • Networking opportunities and information sharing
  • The latest information on world-wide developments impacting the sector such as lifestyle and economic trends
  • A strong industry profile that promotes the benefits of the sector
  • Identifying and promoting products and services that enhance and develop the sector
  • Forging strong alliances and partnership with organisations with similar agendas and aims
  • Best practice research and policy development
  • Advocacy and support at all levels


What will Parks and Leisure Australia Membership provide me?

  • Advocacy and support at all levels

    It’s nice to know someone is working in your best interests and speaking with the backing of a credible organisation when it comes to input on important industry issues. As a PLA member you will be:

    • Represented on State and National committees and Review Boards
    • Given a voice at State and Federal Government level
    • Represented in industry dealings with government agencies, businesses and community leaders.
  • Social and Professional Networking

    Social and Professional networking is an important tool of the contemporary professional. Parks and Leisure Australia offers members the chance to share knowledge with parks and leisure professionals from around the world, as well as in the next city, through excellent actual and virtual forums including its:

    • Annual conference. We present cutting edge industry information and you have the chance to interact with your peers from around the country
    • State conferences, regional meetings and special interest groups. These are ideal avenues for information exchange and social networking
    • Social functions. A chance for members to interact and develop contacts on a more informal and personal level
  • Information at your fingertips

    Keep up with the latest developments worldwide through our:

    • Quarterly industry leading publication, Australasian Parks and Leisure. The content of this full-colour magazine reflects the range in our membership and has a strong professional development influence
    • Website, including members-only zone. Sign in to a secure members-only zone to read and download position papers, conference proceedings, minutes from meetings and calendar events
    • National Special Interest Groups: Developed to formulate policy on industry issues. The latest progress is posted on our website and published in our journal and newsletter
  • Professional Development

    We encourage our members to extend their professional development objectives beyond those necessary for their current role. We cultivate this lifelong learning by offering:

    • Discounted rates to the national conference – a forum for the latest National and International developments and trends
    • Discounted rates to professional development seminars. We run these in all regions across Australia. Topics are relevant to the current climate and are outcome focused.
    • National and international scholarships
  • Membership Entitlements

    When you join Parks and Leisure Australia, you will receive:

    • The Quarterly Australasian Parks & Leisure journal (digital and hard copy)
    • Endorsement to use the initials MPLA after your name (individual members only)
    • Discounted rates at all PLA functions
    • Access to members-only zone on website
  • Benefits of corporate membership

    • Each nominee will receive all information via a nominated contact.
    • Flexibility in allowing any 2, 5, 10 or 20 persons (not just the nominated contacts) to any function at the member discounted rates.
    • Each nominee receives a copy of each Australasian Parks and Leisure Journal
    • Nominated contact can hold positions of office on Regional Councils
    • Corporate membership is awarded to the Organisation - not an individual. Under this member classification, individuals within the Organisation cannot use affiliation initials after their name