PaRC (Parks and Recreation Collection) is an Australasian collection of parks, open space and leisure resources. The collection comprises a range of strategies, reports, master plans, guidelines and policies from all levels of government and other sources.

YMCA ReBuild – the benefits of social procurement (Note: this video takes a short while to load)

Parks & Leisure Australia - (VICTAS): 2020

Sinclair, Gary (Author)

YMCA ReBuild is a facilities maintenance social enterprise that trains and employs selected disadvantaged young people, principally ex-offenders. Currently operating across the greater metropolitan Melbourne area, the organisation has been in operation for more than 12 years, operates 10 crews and has a turnover in excess of $2,250,000 per year. YMCA ReBuild, as a facilities maintenance social enterprise, is able to collaborate with local government authorities in the provision of related commercial services such as grounds maintenance, landscaping, painting and general maintenance, and in doing so simultaneously make a direct, measurable impact in the lives of disadvantaged young people and specifically, on reducing recidivism.

Education, outreach and advocacy, Human resource management, Management and governance, Open space and recreation areas, Organised Sport, Service provision
Gary Sinclair, Manager, Bridge project and YMCA ReBuild


Webinar: Official Launch of PaRC: Parks and Recreation Collection website

Date: Wednesday 23 June
Time: 11.30am (AEST)
Cost: Free

This online event will mark the transition of an online repository of documentary materials capturing knowledge of parks and leisure in Australasia from its development mode to maintenance.

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