PaRC (Parks and Recreation Collection) is an Australasian collection of parks, open space and leisure resources. The collection comprises a range of strategies, reports, master plans, guidelines and policies from all levels of government and other sources.

Play in Our Smart City Future

Parks & Leisure Australia

Hook, Leuan (Author); Longford, Ryan (Author)

As technology continues to advance across the globe, there is a growing trend for cities to become smarter. This includes having wifi hotspots and technology integration in public spaces including parks.
These technologies, and the data they gather, provide the platform for new forms of urban analysis as well as the production of more efficient spaces. While there may be questions and reservations about integrating technology into public spaces, there is no doubt this trend will continue to grow. In this online event, we will delve into not only the basics but also the more technical aspects of interactive play and explore and answer a range of commonly asked questions.

Education, outreach and advocacy, Infrastructure, facilities and urban environments , Management and governance, Open space and recreation areas
Ryan Longford, Sales Manager Vic & Tas, Lark Industries and Leuan Hook, Director - Hook Consulting


Webinar: Official Launch of PaRC: Parks and Recreation Collection website

Date: Wednesday 23 June
Time: 11.30am (AEST)
Cost: Free

This online event will mark the transition of an online repository of documentary materials capturing knowledge of parks and leisure in Australasia from its development mode to maintenance.

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