PaRC (Parks and Recreation Collection) is an Australasian collection of parks, open space and leisure resources. The collection comprises a range of strategies, reports, master plans, guidelines and policies from all levels of government and other sources.

Learnings from the World Urban Parks Congress 2019, Kazan Russia ( IIMPORTANT NOTE: Click on the 'recording' icon to start - this video takes over a minute to load.)

Parks & Leisure Australia (Vic/Tas Region Open Space Planners Network): 2020

Traill, Anthony (Author); O'Byrne, Richard (Author)

In October 2019, Anthony and Richard were invited to the World Urban Parks International Congress in Kazan, Russia. Kazan, relatively unknown, is the 6th largest city in Russia and has long been a multicultural centre located on the Volga River and the Silk Road. Kazan is delivering a renewal program of over 300 urban spaces. In addition to attending the World Congress, Anthony and Richard also visited urban parks in Moscow and St Petersburg. In this session Anthony and Richard will outline learnings from the Congress, discuss what they saw of urban parks in Russia, and plan ahead for the next World Urban Parks Congress in Tirana, Albania. Tirana is another city undergoing parks transformations, in a process described by Mayor Erion Veliaj as "urban acupuncture".

Infrastructure, facilities and urban environments , Management and governance, Open space and recreation areas, Planning, policy and legislation
Richard O’Byrne, Director, Richard O’Byrne Community Environment Planning; Anthony Traill, Manager Open Space & Recreation Services, City of Port Phillip
Parks and Leisure Australia is a member of the World Urban Parks Association.
IIMPORTANT NOTE: Click on the 'recording' icon to start - this video takes over a minute to load.


Webinar: Official Launch of PaRC: Parks and Recreation Collection website

Date: Wednesday 23 June
Time: 11.30am (AEST)
Cost: Free

This online event will mark the transition of an online repository of documentary materials capturing knowledge of parks and leisure in Australasia from its development mode to maintenance.

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