PaRC (Parks and Recreation Collection) is an Australasian collection of parks, open space and leisure resources. The collection comprises a range of strategies, reports, master plans, guidelines and policies from all levels of government and other sources.

In Hot Water – using hot water to kill weeds (this video takes a short while to load)

Parks & Leisure Australia - (VICTAS): 2020

Hart, David (Author); Bloor, Kim (Author); Cole, Liam (Author)

Kim Bloor, General Manager, Citywide
Dave Hart, Roads and Landscape Manager, Technigro
Liam Cole, Open Space Planner, Wellington Shire Council
Mounting concerns about the risks of herbicide use in key areas such as public parks and gardens have increasingly led citizens around the world to demand safer solutions to weed control.
By combining advanced temperature controls with a precise hot water application technology and an intelligent chlorophyll sensor system that locates and kills individual weeds on roads and footpaths, municipal authorities are empowered to achieve more in delivering and maintaining healthy community assets and open spaces while realising major savings.

Infrastructure, facilities and urban environments , Management and governance, Open space and recreation areas, Service provision
Kim Bloor, General Manager, Citywide; Dave Hart, Roads and Landscape Manager, Technigro; Liam Cole, Open Space Planner, Wellington Shire Council


Webinar: Official Launch of PaRC: Parks and Recreation Collection website

Date: Wednesday 23 June
Time: 11.30am (AEST)
Cost: Free

This online event will mark the transition of an online repository of documentary materials capturing knowledge of parks and leisure in Australasia from its development mode to maintenance.

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