PaRC (Parks and Recreation Collection) is an Australasian collection of parks, open space and leisure resources. The collection comprises a range of strategies, reports, master plans, guidelines and policies from all levels of government and other sources.

Factors to consider when designing outdoor space for older people to engage in physical and social activities

Parks & Leisure Australia - (VICTAS)

Dow, Briony (Author); Levinger, Pazit (Author)

The National Aging Research Institute (NARI) leads research in the areas of ageing including falls and balance, pain, dementia, physical activity, healthy ageing, public and preventive health, and health systems evaluation. NARI also conducts a broad range of other clinical and psychosocial research including research into cognitive decline and music therapy, and older women's health. Designing active public/urban spaces to be inclusive of all ages is important to enable older people to actively engage in safe outdoor community and physical activities. This webinar will overview current exercise equipment available in public spaces and its usability and suitability for older people, and will provide an example of current evidence based research of the use of a unique purpose-build outdoor exercise park.

Education, outreach and advocacy, Health, fitness and well-being, Infrastructure, facilities and urban environments , Management and governance, Open space and recreation areas, Service provision
Professor Briony Dow, Director, National Aging Research Institute (NARI) and Associate Professor Pazit Levinger, Senior Researcher, National Aging Research Institute


Webinar: Official Launch of PaRC: Parks and Recreation Collection website

Date: Wednesday 23 June
Time: 11.30am (AEST)
Cost: Free

This online event will mark the transition of an online repository of documentary materials capturing knowledge of parks and leisure in Australasia from its development mode to maintenance.

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