Tara Whitney

Tara Whitney

Principal Consultant, Whitney Consulting

Grant Essentials

Tara will present the grant writing approach that Whitney Consulting has used to secure over $50m in funding over the past 4.5 years for our clients. It will cover our grant writing approach that is suitable for grants of all sizes and complexity and the 6 key grant writing questions that you need to address as part of this approach.

About Tara

Prior to establishing Whitney Consulting, Tara spent the past 7 years assessing and providing feedback on business cases for the State Government's Royalties for Regions program, the biggest grant funding program in Western Australia. During this time, Tara managed in excess of $1 billion worth of grant fund projects across a variety of sectors, including aged care, recreation, tourism, health, housing and transport and specialised in community infrastructure projects.

Tara has analysed, assessed and guided the development of business case funding applications for over 60 Royalties for Regions (RfR) projects, worth in excess of $1 billion. Tara was the senior officer within the Infrastructure team at the Department of Regional Development (DRD), which means that her knowledge of complex infrastructure business cases, including all supporting documentation such as asset management plans, cost benefit analyses, risk management plans and more, is amongst the most comprehensive in the State. Given her role in conducting due diligence, assessing and providing feedback on areas for improvement on applications, Tara's knowledge of what assessors are looking for provides a unique and leading edge to her clients.

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Friday 23rd July 2021



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