Michelle Magdy

Michelle Magdy

Metro South Regional Tennis Manager, Tennis West

Thriving Tennis Communities

It has long been said Member Associations should be recognised for more than the insurance offered. How do we shift this perception? What is it that clubs actually need?

Tennis member associations are offering a value driven commitment to ensure clubs are armed to grow and thrive and be future proofed to ensure long-term viability. How are we set up to achieve this?

  1. A complete overhaul of our service model to ensure we perpetually shift the attitudes of tennis communities across Australia and change how they see themselves and how they look to the future. This attitudinal change is a long-term ongoing operating rhythm we intend to embed into clubs for a long-lasting shift in legacy. Being perceived as resource and value driven trusted advisers who encourage open and transparent 2-way conversation is the short-term goal.
  2. Our complementing behaviours will encourage a growth mindset that will open a world of possibilities. Helping our clubs be motivated to take real action that will ensure their communities truly thrive.
  3. Data…it is the buzzword but when incorrect data is being collected, or none at all, it can have detrimental impacts on an organisation. Using the data we garner for the betterment of our resources in order to sufficiently support our clubs is the intent.

This overhaul will shift the approach and enable us to be more aware and agile. Robust conversations, based on simple value driven approaches and resources, established on 8 foundation pillars have driven immediate successes. The key…making it easy. We as the resource is the benefit to affiliation and that mindset is already shifting.

About Michelle

As a dedicated and motivated business leader with extensive experience in the media and sports industries, Michelle holds a strong reputation with stakeholders for sound business acumen underpinned by a values and culture driven approach resulting in beneficial outcomes.

Michelle's 3 key areas of specialty are:

  • People - interpersonal relationships, both internal and external, and collaboration
  • Partnerships - professional mutually beneficial partnerships and advocacy
  • Processes - efficiency and effectiveness driven by purpose and values

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