Madonna Blyth

Madonna Blyth

Female Talent Programs Manager, WACA

Myths and Misconceptions of Female Sport

This topic will unravel the truths and myths of what women and girls want and need from their sport. Our panel members will talk about their journeys to where they are now, as well as how we can actively support our community members to break down barriers to participation, build confidence in our women and girls, and better promote true equality in sport.

About Madonna

Madonna's career has been filled with highlights, starting out as a member of the Australian Hockey Team from 2005-2016, and captaining the team from 2009 onwards where she attended the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics! Madonna then moved to Female Participation in community cricket as well as doing a stint within the Inclusion and Diversity team at the WACA. Madonna currently works at the Western Australian Cricket Association in the role of Coach and Talent Development Manager, working closely with the up and coming athletes and coaches in the women's game, where she is making waves in the female cricket world.

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Community Sports
Friday 23rd July 2021



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