Denver D'Cruz

Denver D'Cruz

General Manager, Inclusion Solutions

Strong Sport, Strong Communities

Reflecting on their considerable work of supporting 600+ clubs a year, Adam and Denver from Inclusion Solutions will highlight the traits that separate the clubs that thrive, as opposed to those that struggle to survive.

Indeed, sport and recreation are the backbone to many Australian communities, providing a powerful vehicle to build and strengthen our communities and this practical and candid presentation will provide insights from across the industry, along with practical tips and take home messages!

About Denver

Born and raised in Yercaud, India, Denver grew up on a tea and coffee estate before moving to Canberra, Australia at the age of 10. Having studied Public Relations, Sports Management and Marketing Communication at the University of Canberra, Denver has been able to combine his passion for sport (cricket in particular) with over 15 years of work in the community sector.

Denver has witnessed firsthand the power of sport and recreation in connecting people and is keen to share this with everyone. Denver lists sport, music, travel, family, real estate, lawn mowing and woodwork as his pastimes.

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Community Sports
Friday 23rd July 2021



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