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Friday 30th July 2021

The event sector is big business. The value goes well beyond the industry sector of the event - for small, big business and local government. Events play a pivotal role in Australia's economic prosperity, including boosting the visitor economy through domestic and international tourism (such as transport, hotels, retail and restaurants). The positive community and economic impacts of special events and festivals on host communities has become widely recognised and governments have started using events as a way to enhance economic development, expecting a high return on investment mainly by the expenditure of visitors who only come to the region to attend such events.

Given fierce competitive pressures among destinations for seemingly the same piece of the pie, the organization and management of successful events is promoted as a means to achieve differentiation and competitive advantage. This is particularly true for cultural tourist festivals and events, given that they are attended by locals and visitors from nearby cities as well as visitors (native and foreign) from further afield.

Join us as we provoke, disrupt, discuss, debate, share and collaborate on information shared. This is a perfect opportunity to grow skill sets, build understanding and feed that thirst for knowledge.


8.30am - 4.00pm followed by a Networking Function

A paradigm shift in tourism & technology delivery.

Terrence Dewar

Founder & Chairman of the Australian Biome Project Keynote Address:

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A reflection of the year that evolved into two halves - the time pre-COVID19 and the months after it's onset

Peter Jones, AM (MAICD)

Managing Director of Peter Jones Special Events

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Lightening Talks

A series of quick talks about relevant topics in the event realm with industry professionals...

Renee Bennett

Managing Director Encanta Event Management

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Lee Williams

General Manager, PAV Events

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Daragh Maher

Senior Waste Consultant, Write Solutions

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Glenn Watson

Event Manager: WA Day, Shore Leave, Shinju Matsuri and Origin Fields

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The Rise of the 'Inner Sphere'

Zach Leach

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Critical Thinking: Collaborative approaches to problem solving in the event industry (Workshop)

Bethan Winn

Critical Thinking Facilitator and Consultant

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A series of 1-day events focusing on a single stream topic for the entire day

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