Frequently Asked Questions

What spaces are eligible?

Any green space that is freely accessible to the public and has a site specific management plan including:

  • Public parks and open spaces
  • Formal gardens
  • Nature reserves
  • Cemeteries and crematoria
  • University campuses
  • Water parks

How long is the award for?

The Green Flag Award® is current for a 12 month period from the time of being recognised. To maintain the Award in the second year, you need to re-apply and pay the appropriate fee.

How long does the judging take?

Every new site is assessed by experienced judges, who make an appointment to inspect the site and meet staff and volunteers. This generally occurs over one to two days. For the Mystery Shop exercise this involves only one judge and is usually covered in no more than half a day.

Where do the judges come from?

Our judges are trained volunteers, with experience in the parks and green space sector. Judges are essential to the effective operation of the scheme. They have a background in nature conservation, ecology, parks and landscape management, community engagement, environmental issues, horticulture or related disciplines. They are independent arbiters of the scheme providing the crucial link between the park / green space users and the managers of the scheme itself. Judges are all volunteers, giving their time freely to the scheme, though travel expenses are reimbursed.

Why is there a cost for the Green Flag Award® ?

There is an application fee that needs to be paid when submitting the final application and this fee varies depending on the size of the park to be assessed. When considering the assessment is conducted by two independent experienced judges sharing their knowledge and advice through the provision of a very detailed feedback report, the fee is far less than would be charged for consultants to offer the same service. The fee contributes towards covering the operational costs of the Awards program, the printed resources, the expenses of the volunteer judges, Green Flag merchandise (flags and certificates) and judges training courses.

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How to enter

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