Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of PLA to enter the awards?

Yes, membership must be current at time of nomination and throughout the awards program. If you or your organisation is currently not a member, contact us 08 8 8332 0130 or e:

Does my project, program and/or event have to be completed?

Yes the nominated project/program and/or event must have been completed within the past two years from 29 March, 2020.

What is a joint submission?

A joint submission recognises your organisation as well as another key stakeholder who has contributed to the project. Both organisations will be recognised at all stages of the process. An example of a joint submission would be a council and an architect or consultancy firm. A joint submission can include up to three organisations.

I have entered an award in the past - can I enter the same project?

Yes, however if your project won an award category in the past you are unable to enter the same project in the same award category.

Can I enter the same project into more than one category?

Yes, ensuring you address the criteria for each award category and the entry is relevant to that category.

How do I enter the Region Awards?

Entering into the National Awards of Excellence gives you automatic entry to be eligible to win a Region Award (excluding the Frank Stewart Distinguished Service Award).

How do I know if I have won a Region Award?

Region winners are announced at events across the country throughout May and June 2020. These events can be a breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktail reception. Further information on Region Award events can be found here.

When are national winners announced?

National winners will be announced at the Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner at Sydney Olympic Park, 9th September, 2020. Tickets for the Gala Dinner will be available for purchase early 2020

Are national finalists expected to attend the Award of Excellence Gala Dinner?

Yes, a representative from your organisation is expected to attend the awards ceremony.

How to enter

You can register and return to you submission any time.

How to enter

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