General Information

General Information

  1. It is recommended you prepare your nomination in Microsoft Word (or other program) and copy and paste content into the the online portal. When pasting into the awards program, use the Control V keys to paste.

  2. If you complete your entry on-line, we suggest you save often so as not to lose your work. The system does not auto save.

  3. When completing your submission, remember the judges may not have prior knowledge of your project and/or organisation. Please take the time to write a well written entry.

  4. The nominations must address each of the criteria within the designated word limit (500 words for each of the five criteria) and must be pertinent to the category for which it is being submitted.

  5. It is useful to include information on your organisation's size, location, and operating budgets so that it is assessed in context with other applications.

  6. You will be given the opportunity to provide up to three (3) files of supporting documentation/photographs which must be uploaded to the submission (in PDF or JPEG formats and up to 15MB). Please only attach relevant documents.

  7. All questions must be answered within the fields on the on-line submission form and not submitted as a separate uploaded document - any submitted in this manner will be deemed ineligible.

  8. You are requested to include a 50 word summary, organisation logo and a high resolution jpeg image for promotional purposes which will be used throughout the promotion of the 2020 Awards of Excellence campaign

  9. It is not the responsibility of PLA to ensure that your nomination has been entered into the correct category. If judges deem the entry has been incorrectly submitted, you will be notified at the end of the process as we work to tight deadlines and it does not allow for re-writing of criteria to the appropriate category and reallocation of judging.

  10. If selected as a national finalist you will be requested to submit a short 30 second video (if you have not already done so).

  11. Region winners are announced at various events held throughout May and June and National winners in October.

2020 Awards of Excellence Guide [PDF]

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