Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of PLA to enter the awards?

Yes, membership must be current at time of nomination and throughout the awards program (minimum corporate or individual). If you or your organisation is not currently a member, JOIN online or contact us on 08 8332 0130 or e: All organisations (both nominating and joint) must be current members.

For further information on how to select the membership tier which is right for you please contact

Does my project, program and/or event have to be completed?

Yes the nominated project/program and/or event must have been completed or occurred and evaluated prior to the submission deadline and within the past two years.

What is a joint submission?

A joint submission recognises your organisation as well as another key stakeholder/s who has contributed to the project. An example of a joint submission would be a council and an architect or consultancy firm. A joint submission can include up to three organisations.

All nominees joined in a submission must hold a membership with Parks and Leisure Australia. For further information see our Terms and Conditions.

I have entered an award in the past - can I enter the same project?

No, if you have entered the project which has been judged by the panel judges and been unsuccessful, you are unable to resubmit the same project into the same award category.

Can I enter the same project into more than one category?

The exact same projects cannot be entered into multiple categories, however if one large project has several components it may be split to enter more than one category, ensuring you address the criteria for each award category. Please seek advice from National Office for more information or clarification if required.

How do I enter the Region Awards?

Entering into the National Awards of Excellence gives you automatic entry to be eligible to win a Region Award (excluding the Frank Stewart Distinguished Service Award). Region winners automatically become national finalists. For more information refer to How to Enter.

The Awards system isn't recognising my email / login details?

The Awards program is not linked to our membership database; therefore, you cannot use your existing membership login details. 

You also cannot use your awards login details from last year's Awards program.

You will need to click on the "New 2022 User" and add yourself as a new user. You will then have access to start your submission.

I have already submitted my entry but I want to make a change - what can I do?

If nominations are still open, contact the National office who will be able to put your submission back into an ''incomplete status'' which will allow you to make changes to your submission and re-submit.

My entry won at the Region Awards and now I want to add something for National Judging?

Once the Awards program has closed you are unable to make further changes to your submission. When completing your submission consider that it needs to provide enough information to be competing against both entries within your region and if it progresses to the national awards will be competing with national entries.

My project is almost finished - should I enter it into the Awards this year?

No you should wait until the following year, you have two years from the date of completion to enter your project into the awards. The judges are unable to judge if there has been benefit to the community or that your project has achieved its outcomes without the data and analysis that you are able to provide if you wait and can provide once the project has been finished and in operation for some time.

Will the judges be visiting my project to see it in person?

No, each judging panel is made up of six judges located around the country, therefore it is important that you provide as much information and context of your project in the submission.

How to enter

Nominations for 2022 are now closed. Judging will be held in April and regions will announce winners at ceremonies around the country in the coming months.

Thank you for your nominations and we wish you the very best of luck.

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