PLA Advisory Committee

PLA Advisory provides strategic advice to the National Board. We prepare position papers on critical issues, initiate research and explore professional training and development opportunities for our members.

Core Focus

  • Prepare position papers and technical guidelines which support PLA's role as an advocate for the industry.
  • Initiate key research with partners utilising external funding opportunities.
  • Explore professional development opportunities with accredited providers.

Key Goals

  • Complete the National Climate Change position paper.
  • Deliver a community Health and Well-being position paper.
  • Deliver member research information needs report to National Board; and support the National Board in their selected strategy.
  • Publish the findings of the Deakin economic benefit pilot study in the Australasian Parks and Leisure Journal.
  • Prepare and deliver a national position paper on tree management.
  • Support each region in developing or reviewing open space planning guidelines (where they don't exist).
  • Explore professional development opportunities - from endorsement of formal training courses to the establishment of mentoring opportunities.


Chair - PLA Advisory
Andrew Smith

Phone: 0414 973 614 or (08) 8384 0568

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