PLA Advisory Committee

PLA Advisory provides the National Board with strategic advice to assist with various strategic activities to further the profession and the industry. PLA Advisory assists with the preparation of position papers on critical issues, strategic thinking on industry issues, initiates research and explores professional training and development options.



Posted: 29/03/17


We invite people with appropriate interest and expertise to indicate their interest to be part of a permanent PLA Research Group.

This group will:

1.       Link members to current research findings by publishing/presenting research, or pointing to research articles

2.       Act as a contact point on research matters.

3.       Represent the industry on research advisory panels (for example the Clearinghouse for Sport, University research projects)

4.       Advise on existing research gaps, and potential target research areas

5.       Contribute to, and drive the development of joint research applications with research bodies such as Universities, Research Centres or Government agencies.

To provide an expression of interest or ask questions please contact the Chair of PLA Advisory, Penny Davidson on pla.advisory@parksleisure.com.au, by COB Monday April 10, 2017.


PLA Advisory’s core focus is to:

  • Prepare position papers and technical guidelines which support PLA's role as an advocate for the industry.
  • Initiate key research with partners utilising external funding opportunities.
  • Pursue revenue generation through appropriate consultancies.
  • Explore professional development opportunities with accredited providers.


Our key goals are to:

  • Complete the National Climate Change position paper

  • Deliver a LinkedIn discussion group as a member’s discussion and communication forum

  • Deliver a community Health and Wellbeing position paper
  • Deliver member research information needs report to National Board; and support the National Board in their selected strategy
  • Publish the findings of the Deakin economic benefit pilot study in the Australasian Parks and Leisure Journal
  • Continue supporting the National Office in the preparation of letters to Ministers, Editors or Organisations
  • Prepare and deliver a national position paper on tree management
  • Support each region in developing or reviewing open space planning guidelines (where they don’t exist)
  • Explore professional development opportunities - from endorsement of formal training courses to the establishment of mentoring opportunities
  • PLA Advisory consists of a group of members who respond to calls for assistance on individual projects.  Overseeing the projects is a group of 8 executive members.




Penny Davidson, PLA Advisory Chair
E: pla.advisory@parksleisure.com.au
T: 0408 672 087 or (02) 6101 4540