Our Future

The parks and leisure industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, brought about by an expansion of people’s leisure time and spending. As populations grow and urbanization increases, changes in social values, lifestyle trends, technologies and economic market conditions are continually influencing where people go and how they spend their leisure time.

Our mission is to provide our members with the knowledge, skills and advocate support necessary to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing industry.

Some of the ways we plan to do this are by:

  • Redefining and clarifying PLA’s role, purpose and position
  • Placing a greater emphasis on advocacy and sector representation
  • Creating more professional development opportunities and pathways
  • Targeting and developing young professionals and students
  • Developing stronger ties with industry partners and professional bodies
  • Improving our range of membership services
  • Establishing PLA as the portal of knowledge for the sector

Parks and Leisure Australia 50 Point Plan

Parks and Leisure Australia is pleased to release its 50 Point Plan which aims to transform PLA into a viable, vibrant and sustainable organisation serving the parks and leisure sector and remaining relevant in the 21st century.